In my years as the owner and operator of a successful recruiting business, I have dealt with dozens of companies and well over a thousand candidates. I have seen some candidates who seem to move easily from one job to another one, and I have also seen many very talented, capable people who seem to struggle mightily in the same process.

The difference in large part, I observed, was in how candidates present, or market themselves to prospective employers. I wrote the book because I believe that job seekers need to know how to separate themselves from the crowd, especially in a strong buyer's market. In Your Complete Guide to Job Search and Career Change, you will learn how to accomplish that critical step, get the interviews, and do well in them.

As a recruiter, I did not get paid unless the candidates I presented to my client companies were hired. So, it was in my best interests to determine what separated the successful job seekers from those who may be every bit as talented or skilled, yet did not seem to get the interviews and offers for the jobs they pursued.

That is what this book is about.

It is a step-by-step guide for the critical elements in any job search:

  • how to contact the prospective employers,
  • how to design and write a resume,
  • how to do well in the interview,
  • how to negotiate your compensation package
  • how to leave your current job, and
  • how to work successfully with a recruiter

I believe that if you follow the steps I present in this book, your job search will much more successful than by using the same, tired, old rules that everyone else uses.